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instructions n : a manual usually accompanying a technical device and explaining how to install or operate it [syn: instruction manual, book of instructions, operating instructions]

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  1. Plural of instruction

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An instruction is a form of communicated information that is both command and explanation'' for how an action, behavior, method, or task is to be begun, completed, conducted, or executed.
Instruction may also refer to:
  • Teaching, a form of instruction.
  • Sebayt, a work of the ancient Egyptian didactic literature aiming to teach ethical behaviour.
  • Instruction (computer science), a single operation of a processor within a computer architecture
  • In the context of French law (or inquisitorial systems based on France's), the instruction is the pre-trial phase of a criminal investigation that is led by a judge. More generally, it refers to phases of judicial or administrative proceedings where a request is investigated, and information pertaining to it is collected, before a final decision is made.
  • Instruction (band), a rock band (2002-2005), from New York City
  • Instructions (album), the second solo album by Jermaine Dupri, released in 2001.
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ALGOL, COBOL, FORTRAN, alphabetic data, alphanumeric code, angular data, assembler, binary digit, binary scale, binary system, bit, briefing, bug, byte, command pulses, commands, compiler, computer code, computer language, computer program, control signals, controlled quantity, correcting signals, data, directions, error, error signals, feedback pulses, feedback signals, film data, final instructions, hexadecimal system, information, input data, input quantity, machine language, message, multiple messages, noise, numeric data, octal system, orders, oscillograph data, output data, output quantity, play, polar data, punch-card data, random data, rectangular data, reference quantity, ruly English, signals, single messages, unorganized data, visible-speech data
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